Software Consulting

Software Strategy :The networking of computers has revolutionized the scope for Communication, Collaboration, and Co-operation between business partners, associates and employees. The awesome computing power available at affordable prices is offset by the quick obsolescence of technology. Organisations have to find a clear path between too little and too much spending on IT and define the scope of automation.

Solution Architecture

Mapping business requirements to IT systems is crucial for meeting the objectives of computerisation. We document customer's business processes and create a solution architecture that may be used for developing new software or comparing with off-the-shelf solutions. We advise on architectures that interact with other disparate systems and provide a wholesome experience for users.

Project Management

Given our considerable experience in software design and development services we offer project management as an independent service for enterprise-size projects that require multiple vendors to work together for solution integration. We work as project managers on large projects that bring together the skills of different software companies, web service providers, third-party software and hardware suppliers.